Monday, December 1, 2008

Too many leftovers

It is official. I am sick of turkey. The funny part is that we didnt have our thanksgiving dinner until saturday and it's only monday. I only have half a breast and half a thigh left but i'm not even sure if they're going to get consumed any time soon. At least before it starts to go bad. I have been contemplating freezing whats left. I did that last year and I ended up using all the left overs in some fashion or another. I have an awful lot of other left overs tho that need to be used. Namely mashed potatoes and mashed yams. Now i've been thinking of a shephard's pie with the potatoes and turkey, not sure how it'd turn out, but cant come up with any thing for the yams. I've only ever had them solo. Never mixed with something. I will admit I am the most uncreative person when it comes to coming up with new recipes. There's a reason I have as many cookbooks as I do. The shephard's pie with turkey is simply cuz I cant think of anything else to do with the mashed potatoes.

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